The Rowing Canada Aviron Rules of Racing will apply at the CSSRA Regatta. Exceptions to the RCA rules as allowed under RCA rule 1.6 are summarized

as follows:


Rule 2.1 Definition of a competitor - All rowers and Coxswains must be attending the same school as per CSSRA Entry Rules


Rule 2.3 Age Categories of Rowers - differ from the RCA Rules and are stated in the Entry Rules section on the web site


Rule 2.5 Coxswains weights - for male and female coxswains in men's or women's events the minimum weight is less than the RCA minimum and is stated on the Weigh-in Rule section on the web site


Rule 2.6 Weighing of Coxswains - Coxswains must weigh-in each day as outlined in the CSSRA Weigh-In Rules


Rule 2.10 Lightweights - Weight classes differ from the RCA Categories and are stated on the Event List and Weigh-in Rules pages


Rule 2.11 Weighing of Athletes - Athletes must weigh-in each day as outlined on the Weigh-In Rules page on the web site


Rule 6.5 Blades - Uniform colors on blades will not be enforced at this Championship


Rule 7.6 & 7.7 Substitutions - NO Substitutions for the single will be allowed for this regatta


Rule 9.3 Progression - events with more than seven (7) entries - Heats and semi-finals will be used to determine the finalists


Rule 10.9  Damage while in the Start Zone - The 100 meter broken equipment rule will not be enforced during the Championship Regatta.


Rule 10.11.4 Interference - Interference causing a crew to lose time late in a heat will be reviewed by the Chief Umpire and the Board of the Jury


Rule 10.20 Appeals - appeals of the decisions of the Board of the Jury are made to the CSSRA Board of Directors. Their decision is Final.

CSSRA Rules of Racing





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That the following will form the rules and scoring for the Efficiency Trophy for Men's and Women's Championships:


1.  To be eligible for the Men's Team Efficiency Trophy and Banner a school must finish in at least four(4) event finals in the men's events;


2.  To be eligible for the Women's Team Efficiency Trophy and Banner a school must finish in at least four(4) event finals in the women's events;


3.  The schools efficency ranking is based on the average of the top four(4) finish postions in the final events;


4.  All boat classes have the same percentage value related to placing in the final event;


5.  Efficiency percentages values for placing are as follows:


   First place (Gold) 100 points,  Second Place (Silver) 75 points,  Third Place (Bronze) 55 points,  Fourth Place 40 points,


   Fifth Place  30 points,          Sixth Place   25 points,         Seventh Place   20 points,        Eighth Place 15 points,


6.  In the event of a tie for fist place the final efficiency score will not change but the school with the higher ranking using the the tie breaker system    below will be awarded the Championship trophy and Banner.


7.  The tie breaker will be the finish position of the fifth crew that qualifies for the finals, then the sixth crew and so on, If a school does not have a 5th crew finish the school that has finished a fifth crew will be the winner.  

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